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Poetry Magnum Opus



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The Way 4/1/YoP

Watch where you step!
We may all come in The same 
Way through the same door 
it's still easy to get lost 
too easy

i.e. as in for example P.S.
or Life as footnote or see 
Over - there? The Cornerstone
with your name on it? a Classy-
Fiction like The Dewey Decimal 
or the whole Metric vs. Common
(although whose Commons are they?
Right?) a way anyhow and for anyhow
A Way that’s The Way of it with
Memories and The attendant
derelict palaces - easy to get lost alWays
challenged to go deeper and deeper
and      deeper

At Depth
We can see The Bones
playing at Life with a:
Clickety Clack Knick Knack
Clatter Racket Skeletons
Acting out

That Breakup
Those Embraces

My my look over-there!
all those who Died
(Down Here no-room for 
euphemisms) still-holding-on
affecting how you walk-talk
nothing to do with legs or tongues -
The Way you ambulate
carve your way through 
Space but Drop
(and The grip slips
) Drop
(and the Tick-Tock 
stops) Drop
Flowers and Weeds
(Follow their roots

And Here We are
simple innit?



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I always loved the Dewey Decimal System; I know how to file -- I do it well -- but by nature, I'm a piler. Filing is just ... menial. These days, we have search.

But yes, here we are.


1. Not even a footnote.

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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