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Poetry Magnum Opus

It 4/2/YoP


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It 4/2/YoP

“The qualia of this moment”
he says by way of introduction

Please please don’t
explain it Let me feel it 
Don’t deny me 
Joy Laughter or
the Fall of glass


everywhere leading

“It’s not the break that hurts
it’s all the little pieces”

She says “You didn’t
really die” sure sure 
I want to say yet 
me before is not 
me after please 
don’t spit

Standing alone
naked in the park
3am Citylights
Stars above 
me weeping on
between saying 

goodbye goodbye”
all-of-it yes even
the Joy and the Fall
we sought to deny
at least now we’re
all feeling



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Citylights, Citylights, I never got to be there; the online world is all I have when it comes to Ginsburg. (I do have some bound Keats, but they're compilations, not first editions.)

I'll take the "qualia" of this moment. I like it.

/s/ The Tone-ster

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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