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Poetry Magnum Opus

Bone Broth


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Bone Broth 4/3/YoP



Dear Friends & Family

(Yes including you

although you may 

despise me)


I am making a Map to where I Live

so you may find me whenever you choose

be that choice driven by desire or necessity

curiosity or obligation as long as it is made

freely & does not presuppose reciprocity on

my part or those of my agents who meander

without  causation willy-nilly be it ‘Too late’ or

‘Just in time.’ as you’ve seen fit


I’ve drawn an X like this one but far

far cruder since all I had to hand was a

carrot sentenced to add depth along

with rosemary & thyme to my Bone

Broth in times like these it's necessary

for good digestion & embodying our

Platonic Figures binding them to solid-

ground discover-

ing much to my chagrin beta-carotene

appears to be a lousy ink except in excess 

when it tattoos our Vessels festive dayglow 

impractical except in certain ‘scenes’


As you can see X

is all I have done since upon

having rendered the fat

it is time to reduce

holding the street Map 

as far as I understand

in my minds eye all-the-while

the process has the collateral effect

of losing my sense of up/down as well as North


Quite a Pickle! 

I tried to reorient by Compass Rose 

which from the sideview

is a temporal placeholder a simple timepiece

attuned to Earth's iron core tracing rather than

by Sun's angle the shift between True & Magnetic 

North without a cycle rather a progression --

bigger & Bigger & I didn’t want

No I didn’t want to

Since I don’t know when

if ever you will  I wouldn't want

No I wouldn’t! 

Want to 

mislead you


Seeing the X as it rests upon the cutting board

With all that depends on it surrounded by the detritus of 

mise en place & unable to get my bearing am struck numb

by the topography of rosemary stems thyme sticks (with 

occasional clung leaves)

carrot & celery ends & butts the peels of onions rising & falling

the shocking number of cutleries used for such a simple operation

while the cap from a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar (with Mother) 

catches attention its yurt like circumference against the

dishcloth hills reflects my inability (unless i was offered 

a redo & could make different life choices) to create

with the tools & skill at hand 

contour lines 


Lines change

in response to the clatter of the pot lid

I reduce the heat further needing only a barest simmer

the roiling brought under control clarifies  Elevations

will shift in response to the Weather the wearing away of

by Water the piling up & redistributing of 

by Wind the contraction & expansion of 

by Barometric-pressure the growing of 

by the Conductor & her Solar Orchestra

We will need while acknowledging the impossibility of 

a precise Weather report & depending on when you 

arrive a reasonable & seasonable Market forecast

to determine the ease of getting here sound-of-

Body/Mind (The Market

has been promoted 

his whims are


Now considered acts of God now he sits

on the righthand of the original G the previous

occupant at least in the Occident having been

found wanting 


His position was obtained via nepotism

He was a Socialist

He was to easily influenced allowing

His name to be used to justify every prejudice

every act of violence & loathing

imaginable as they like to say

‘At least with the Market you know

it's coming’)


It’s been a Day & a Night

the house smells savory I think I may

have solved the Compass-Rose problem

by considering the current state of the Biomass




Mycelial Networks

Fruiting Bodies




Ancestors & Spirits


Of course there are other classifications & subdivisions our 

knowledge infested meme spheres would never agree since

the process of Naming & Separating begins long before Phylum

& Family before the teat & long long after nail or spark depends

on how you lean & the circumstance of leaning agreeing to dis-

agree allows us to calculate around the X an approximation

of the Biomass & therefore its effects on the local gravity which

not only allows us to recalibrate the Compass Rose but This

Is The Exciting Bit its effect on Light 

how it bends determining

not only how to draw the Map but how you will See 

the Map or Feel the Map (because it must have texture 

to pro-

actively address all possible circumstances of your Travel)


Dependent not only on your Time or leaving but your

Time of arriving & what happens in-between since according

to our Best & Brightest Causation can happen after Effect

or vice versa sometimes They deny either


No I don’t get it

It's not my job to explain it

That’s for the Scientists who it seems

besides their CV as ‘Those who use the Scientific

Method’ have added a great deal of mystical-marketing

to pad out their resumes with the new Theocratic order

as it were & I’m absolutely allergic to Hokum & Woo

as you well know ?? The incident with the Goat God

& the frying pan? Well it's only natural we’re getting

on as it were & the memory both forward & back

is not as good as it was or will be


How could I forget! If this Map is to work there must be 

ways to mark what I have forgotten & the Key must include

‘What I have misremembered' 


With the ever increasing list of necessary topographic

adjustments the Legend will become greater than 

the Map even greater than the sum of its 

Symbologies it can not be helped

Maybe these Notes can guide

you (although the fat does

not need to be rendered

if the corpse be fresh

& unspoiled)


Here looking at the bones

In their strainer the broth

having been put to bed

in fridge & freezer

Joints unemployed

from the mobility

animation once 

hinged on


the whorls & ridges

appear to move filled

with their frustrated Kinetics 

to over-flowing with a nostalgia

for motion inviting

closer & closer

inspection closer

still & we are


by Hollows


an inversion where Space is far more

Self-evident than the slowly collapsing

structure the gentle cataclysm of vinegar

on calcification the Holes become wider & deeper

calling to mind William Blake without context --


“by corrosives, which in Hell are salutary & medicinal,

melting apparent surfaces away, & displaying the infinite

which was hid.” There! Better than I could have said(

despite an egregious reliance on commas) Our seeing 

the Nothing underlying both Macro & Micro scopics

the remaining frame a vestige of the Firmament’s



Alas! Alas! Alas!

The Map as we have demonstrated is larger by far

than the Territory it represents we of necessity must

Scale which I will do once you are here


By thrusting my arms wide in greeting & heartily

saying “Thus! Simply thus”

meaning you have followed the Map

& found your way Home


Please remember

if you forget all else

I live on the corner

at the intersection of

Never Will & Always Is


I hope to see you soon!




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Juris, you and I were around before the days of gps-assisted navigation. I can remember buying various map books for finding street address locations within my ~60 mile radius of day-to-day travel. I love maps that depict exotic-to-me locations all the world over. They've always stoked my imagination. 

I can appreciate the reasons you'll tolerate -- desire, necessity, curiosity, and/or obligation -- so long as it does not presuppose reciprocity. :laugh: At least you'll welcome the visitor. I might not even answer the door! :laugh: On the other hand, when I'm the visitor, I'm a spontaneous type of guy. I'll simply show up. If you're not home, or you're busy, on your way out, etc. I'll leave. But I won't make plans for, say, next Saturday at 10:30am, or 1:30pm, or 7:30 pm. What if I then want to sleep in, or I don't feel like it, or I'm otherwise lazy? Then you might have set aside a block of time for me, and I would be obligated to show. 😏 I don't like putting myself in that position. 😁

On 4/3/2020 at 6:59 PM, dr_con said:

... It's not my job to explain it

That’s for the Scientists ...

I don't see it as a job, rather I'll explain it all I want, especially when the scientists offer only their "consensus" as fact. Then, when I'm shut down, having overstayed my welcome by refusing to accept presupposed consensus, I come home, to a peaceful, better place: my poetry world.

Tony 🙂

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Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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