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Poetry Magnum Opus

April 7th poems


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Smartest Man in the World

our dear leader
claims he is the smartest
man in the world
a stable genius
has good words
knows more than generals
knows more than doctors
should have been a doctor
only he can fix
what ails the world
for he is the greatest
genius in the world
like his  friend the dear leader of North Korea
but in fact he is among the most stupid men
to ever serve as our President
trump is the poster child for the Dunning-Kruger Effect effect don't you think? © 8 hours ago, john Cosmos Aller

great leader Tiger Jade Poem
Our leader
great leader
Claims he is the smartest man in the whole universe
surely he is the most searched man in the googleverse
perhaps though he is proof of man’s evolution
Darwinian selection working devolution
stupid is
stupid does

weasels words are the mental traps we set for ourselves

we are surrounded by weasel words
mental traps we set for ourselves
to shut down all rational discussion
in truly Orwellian fashion

these words are legend
everyone uses them
no one thinks about them
what they really mean

I had no choice
of course, one always has a choice

Failure is not an option
nothing but macho BS
of course failure is always an option
that one must be prepared to face

and my favorite
zero tolerance

which converts
all violations of the Rules
into class A murder like felonies

and common sense and discretion
thrown out the window
under the proverbial bus

where the full SWAT
Imperial storm troopers
Robot cops are deployed
to arrest a teenage girl

her crime giving a classmate
a Tylenol which is a legal drug
but under zero tolerance
that is the same as selling heroin

and she will be charged
with a class A drug offense
following her around
for her life

for having dared
to break the stupid rule

yes weasel words
are everywhere
our mental traps
designed to keep us
from thinking
and acting

so throw off your mental traps
break free from the weasel words
and perhaps we can be free
of these mental traps
writers digest prompt- to write a trap poem

the day I met the love of my life was a fine late August day

the day I met the love of my life
who became my wife
was a late August day
in South Korea

as Koreans put it
the sky is high
my horses are fat
and the king is far away

하늘이 높다
말은 뚱뚱하다
왕은 멀리있다

haneul-i nopda
mal-eun ttungttunghada
wang-eun meolliissda

in late August early September
the weather turns in Korea
the humid sauna like temperatures
begin to abate

cool breezes cool the air
the sky is high
crystal clear
just a few clouds

the temperatures moderate
high in the 80’s low in the 60’s
just wonderful weather

the promise of nice fall weather
in the air

the killing heat of the summer
abates and dies down

and on such a lovely date
I met my fate

she walked out of my dreams
and into my life
and became my wife

during the brilliant
Autumn of Korea
before the winter
settled down on the land

To this day
when the autumn comes
I recall the halcyon date
when I met my fate

poetry super highway daily April Prompt to write a weather report poem

to those I have lost

with the corona virus upon us
I am bracing to hear the news
that so and so has died

I reflect back
on all the people in my life
that I have already lost

part of being older
is that you lose people
close to you along the way

I lost my father due to cancer in 1985
and my sister due to a freak illness in 2007
and my mother due to Alzheimer's in 2005
and my father-in-law as well in 2007

Demel Tucker
high school debate teammate
dead of HIV in 1995

Julian Bartley and his son
one of my favorite bosses
died in a terrorist bombing
in Nairobi in 1998

Jon Weber college roommate
dead due to prostate cancer
in 2000

Paul Simon  friend from the visa line
dropped dead of a heart attack
in 2004

Ted Halstead
one of my best bosses
died of heart attack
in 2007

Chris Richard one of my former bosses
dropped dead of a heart attack
shortly before we were due
to have lunch in 2014

and so many others
I have lost
along the way

and soon there will be
so many more
as I get old
in the corona era

writer. com daily dew drop prompt to write an elegy poem

The  Giant Nazi Spider Speaks

General Zero
the commander of the Khan imperial forces
took over the earth

He was a eight foot giant spider
accompanied by two legged rats
and two legged cats

in 24 hours they were in charge
he spoke to the world
People of earth greetings

I am commander Zero
and I have taken over your planet
making it part of the Galactic Empire

we did it because it is our destiny
to take over the universe
one planet by one planet
and everyone becomes
part of the great galactic empire

there are only a few rules
for you to remember
starting today you will learn Galactic standard
within one year all other languages will be banned

starting today all religions are banned
for in the Galactic empire
we have no room for some nonsense

everyone must work
if you are disabled or elderly
your family must take care of you
if you have no one to take care of you
you will be terminated as an “useless eater”

failure to follow the rules or laws
or lawful orders
will result in your immediate execution

that is all for today
Long live the Empire

writers. com  daily dew drop contest challenge to write a poem incorporating a plot from a novel or story and I chose to base it on the opening scene of my novel, “Giant Nazi Spiders”

life is a dream  of chocolate covered trees

makes me so hungry to eat the trees
dark brown chocolate covered trees
as I eat them I hear the crunch of the leaves
and smell the dark chocolate smells
feeling the leaves in my mouth
as I touch the chocolate covered trees
filled with the sound of chocolate
enjoying the chocolate
with my wife Angela Lee
she turns to me and says
Jake Cosmos Aller

based on national poetry month April 6th prompt

We live in an Orwellian world

we are living
in an Orwellian 1984 world
and have been for decades

we are assaulted daily
by alternative realties
promoted by various politicians

designed to shut down
all rational thought
true Orwellian thought control

and now with the corona virus
massive surveillance
has become the norm

and when the crisis is over
the surveillance will continue
on one excuse after another

forever as Orwell’s nightmare
big brother ruling us all
comes true

based on the fear that the massive increase in social surveillance being deployed against the Corona virus will after the crisis is over continue forever under one excuse or another as the Orwellian big brother dictatorships around the world become permanent

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Jake,  Holy Crap, my brain can't assimilate all of this at one time.   Love your Tigerjade, I think the form helps focus your thoughts. Nice

The Tigerjade is an invented stanzaic form introduced by Jacqueline Sturge. In researching the name, I found Tiger Jade the name of a freighter in the Bengal Tiger line. The name could also refer to jewelry, a jade tiger. The elements of the Tigerjade are:

  1. stanzaic, written in any number of octaves.
  2. syllabic, 3-3-12-12-12-12-3-3 syllables per line.
  3. rhymed, aabbccdd eeffgghh etc.

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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