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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Porous 4/10/YoP



In lieu of a poem

today we thought

it's time for a public-



“Empaths are People

there’s a good chance

you’re one of them”


a special reminder

we are not separate

no matter how what

why and where


sometimes you feel

other’s sick often times

for no reason the mood 

changes reflected if you

pay close attention in the

particular gait the Passer-By

makes or the Community-

Gravity and how deep it will

pull you into the common Well


Common side-effects

include sociopathology

narcissism or if a case

Is deeply intractable

writing poetry or

claiming immunity

by Science Astrology

or other acts of Faith


Remember you are porous

subject to the Unconscious

lying between us all.

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