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Poetry Magnum Opus


Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe



Tonight is is gonna be your first time.

So baby, please don’t shy, away.

Thru the years, we may drift apart.

Thru the ages, historians will judge

our love for one another.


Tonight it seems so real.

Could it be love we are feeling

for one another?


The magic is in the air.

Can’t you feel the potion, brewing

in the pot, of no forgiveness?


I look deeper and deeper into

this brewing tea.

And… yes what do I see?


Two lonely souls searching for love

on a lonely dessert road.

Hearts will intertwine once they meet

at the crossroads of their empty life’s.


Hold me close

and hold me tight.

Darling I don’t want to let go, of you.


Cause tonight is the first time,

we make love under the moon light,

and the sparkling stars, as the birds

sing to us at sunrise.


We have been doing it all night long.

Nothing is gonna stop my heart from

loving you, like the great warm blue sea,

that is like your heart’s warm embrace,

during the summer heat, as the steam rises

to the highest parts of the sky.

It is our passion that makes the steam rise

so fast and be so clear.


My heart is beating only for you.

I hope yours is too?

We look one another in the eyes.

You notice my ocean blue eyes.

I notice your emerald green eyes, too.

Ours eyes reflect the moon light

outside, because of

the darkness in the room

we do make love in.


So tonight is the night.

We let all ambitions go.

We listen to the radio.

Our love song is playing

over and over again.


And we can do it all night long.

Beautiful people will sing to us.

We hold nothing back,

but baby my sweet angel

why are you crying?

When you know tonight

is the night of all nights.


I pledged my life,

heart, and soul to you.


I promise you this much

we can make it thru your tears

like all the endless years of loneliness

we both did endure.


Was waiting this long - was it worth it or not?

Please baby, I do want to know.

Can two fiery hearts find each other

making everything all right in the end.

I promise you I will make it worth your time.

All it takes is faith and trust in me.


Darling we can make it

thru the strongest storms.

They rage thru our emotions of desire.

May we shed no more blood tonight.


Because baby that is what love is all about.

Because tonight is the night.

It feels like eternity.

We have been together

since the heavens were born.


We can dance on the clouds if you wish.

I can serenade with you all night.

I can siesta with you all day.

So take my hands and baby

together we can make our dreams come true.


All we have to do is trust one another.

All it takes to do this is have faith

in one another.


So tonight is the night we make love.

Angels rejoice at this holy sacred union.

So as soon as we touch

in the distant future

the sparks ignite in the air

like a fireworks display.


All it took was a chance meeting

in a dream as the man asked her

if she saw him in her dreams.


He said baby I saw you in my dreams

the day you were born I heard your voice

and my spiritual heart jumped after you

as you said “I love you”.

You sang this to me.

That is how I know we are meant

to be together. La La La Laaa


Like the sunrise

and like the sunset

that is how are life’s

our meant to be.


So if you don’t believe in the divine

and in past life’s

you are on the wrong page

of my book of life.

So shove that up your

non believing carcass

your one day rotting corpses.



I am a Seer of God

and I see into the future

and the past.

I know secrets

that few will know on earth

till judgment day.

God is real. Just cause

you say he is not real

doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist.


When you return to the light

will you fear warmth and love

of the God/dess, heaven,

and eternal spirits?


You ditch God/dess they forgive you.

Remember God/dess is pure divine love.


We are all here for eternity

and we do reincarnate.

I don’t believe in manmade religions.

I am a spiritualist who believes

in the divine and know

they are the true Father and Mother.

God and Sophia or the Christian Holy Spirit.

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Reads like a love ballad replete with your signature dash of the metaphysical, Victor. I especially liked "pot of no forgiveness" with its concomitant teapot metaphor.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Nice job. I agree with Tony, the poem sounds like a love ballad.


I like this:

you are on the wrong page

of my book of life.


Interesting how you kept the spirit of writing in this long poem :). I like the the strength of yours in the second half of the poem.


Thank you for sharing this piece with us Vic.


PS: I wish you luck in the new home my friend.



The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth - Jean Cocteau

History of Macedonia



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