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Poetry Magnum Opus

OxyCodone and Ambian a deadly mixture (edited)

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

the first version made me look racist. how can i be racist if blacks treated me like garbage and i wrote about it in a poem. maybe it is generalising but i didnt say all blacks. if i am accussed of anything accuse me of honesty. how i believe which i can't get into because it offends others and would violate forom policies. victor


OxyCodone and Ambian a deadly mixture (edited)

Larsen M. Callirhoe Today at 3:59 am


These two drugs when mixed

it is lights out an hour later.


I am so high on anti-depressants

I don't notice the blackouts

an hour later from this concoction.

My mind touches other realities

on these two powerful medications.


I talk to senitent life called spirits

from other realms thru telepathy.

This is because of the medications are

prescribed by non-believeing doctors.


I am moving

to a common wealth state

of Kentucky from the state Ohio

in the United States of America.



I am disappointed in the human race as a whole.

The nursing home i used to live in

was in a black neighborhood.

For those that don't know

there was two riots started in this city

in the last decade

by blacks because white cops

shot a black person who was high on drugs.


I was in a nursing home

were mostly blacks worked and resided in this city

full of bigotry and racism.

Blacks took out their displeasure on me.


Note about this subject.

There is a difference between educated people

and those that are not educated well.

Blacks treated me a white person like sh##.

I didn't say all blacks treated me like sh##

just those that worked at this nursing home.

That is why I moved.


Am I being a bigot for saying blacks treated me

like garabage there. Im glad I moved.

Im not a prejudice person

or a mean hearted spirit.

I cry because others thought

what I orignally wrote was offensive.


If what i included in the poem now is offensive

I will leave the siite in peace.

This man was high

and I know how he felt

because of the pain pills

I have been on.


Maybe someone can explain this to me.


I don't believe in a literal hell.

Hell is what others

make peoples life's because of ignorance

and ignoramus people.


Me being high on pain pills I can't sense

when someone is nice to me or rude to me.

I'm on cloud nine most of the day.


Ambian is lethal when taken

when mixed with thirty miligrams or more

of Oxy Codone and this mixture

knocks my ass out

for up to nine hours.


What I mean by these two medications

taken together you don't just fall asleep

you pass out quickly not remembering

when you fell asleep the night before

when taken this mixture of pills.


Thiis mixture is like

mixing hard liquors and drinking them.

This in turn makes you pass out.

When they are swallowed when drinking

alcohol you pass out.


I know this because

I tried to out drink people

in the past

and I would pass out

and my heart would slow down

as i was rushed to the

nearby hospitals

on several occassions

and the doctors

would pump my stomach

uising charcoal to make me vomit.


I use to not like taken

any foreign medication

or drug because I would eat healthy

and I use to exercise daily.


Now I dont care anymore

the more high I am

the better i sleep at night.


I mean well and would take noting but

I am in so much sciatica nerve pain.

I can't sleep without pain medication,

sleeping pills, and anti-depressants.


It is my preogogative though.

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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