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Poetry Magnum Opus

Remembering Nebuchadnezzar, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Jerusalem

Alemeye Gammo

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Alemeye Gammo

By Poet and Writer Aleme Gammo (Alemseged Sisay)


O god, preserve/defend my firstborn son

 Once in history said from  king of Babylon

he was the longest-reigning and most powerful monarch

of that  Empire , Nabopolassar was his father as we hark

the official of the Neo-Assyrian Empire 

who rebelled the throne in 605 BC was Nebuchadnezzar

fought several campaigns in the West

against him the nation who tried to organize a coalition was Egypt

He was responsible for destroying Solomon's Temple,

Initiated the  Babylonian captivity, as described in the  Book of Daniel,

At the beginning he presented as hawkish, despotic, and brutal


He raged in Judea, God prepared a worm,

should eat out this spreading Tree which in due time,

by reason of the cry of his poor People

which entered into his ears: Daughter of Babylon

the art to be destroyed: he should to be rewarded you

 as you have served his kingdom, he should be Happy all through

and your little ones against the stones to be naught



For in this very year was Cyrus, the Perso-Median born

 his Mother an Indo-European people, whose Father was a Persian,

of whom this very Nebuchadnezzar at the hour of his Death

 uttered this Prophesies: there shall come a Persian Mule

 as his fellow-Soldiers, who shall make use of your Devils

to bring you into Bondage, He calls Cyrus a Mule,

why he said that for his citizen

to had been begotten or born

from a Father and Mother of two divers Nations


of divine anger, here a denunciation

is uttered against us, O!  Ethiopians

and he said us the descendants of Lot, in contrary of God

 for him wrath we should be slain by God’s sword

 because Nebuchadnezzar, who was to subdue us

 he was said as raised up by the divine providence,

 in order to execute its purposes

and to cut off our heads as he blamed as for our wickedness

then he called it for the infliction of divine vengeance

this was a denunciation against the Ethiopians

by Nebuchadnezzar we were to be overthrown

 for our assistant of the king of Egypt against him

He was a dreamer to destroy nations and sieges of Jerusalem


September 3,2020

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