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Poetry Magnum Opus

It’s Time To Go 


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It’s Time To Go 

After many years have passed- 
Filled with happiness and woe; 
The good lord will call to me, 
When it’s time to go. 

He will offer his hand- 
I will try hard to stay, 
His grip will gradualy tighten, 
As I slip away. 

Loved ones say I’m sleeping now, 
There’s a smile upon my face. 
All worries that I had, 
Will have then...been erased. 

From my earthly life I had- 
To cherish and to love; 
My spirit will journey 
To a better place above. 

Dear LORD...I’m coming- 
I looked forward to this day, 
To be welcomed to your kingdom 
Where forever I will stay. 


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David W. Parsley

A voice of faith that has strengthened with time, that faces the next stage of existence with assurance.  Though the words 'savior' and 'gospel' do not appear here, their fingerprints are all over this tranquil piece.

Thanks for sharing this here, bob.

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'I will try hard to stay' is a fundamental truth about humans and dying captured strongly in this piece. No one sets a date for his death. For as long as we are strong and healthy, we will press forward, 'try hard to stay'. 

'Loved ones day I'm sleeping now' has a biblical sound to it. In the Bible, it uses the metaphor of sleeping for dying. Jesus referred to Lazarus who was already dead as sleeping and he was to go there to wake him up. No wonder Jesus promised to wake up all the dead (a metaphor for resurrection).

Happy to see those fundamental things in a piece like this.

"Words are not things, and yet they are not non-things either." - Ann Lauterbach

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