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Poetry Magnum Opus

Tinker's Poetic Forms: Tercet


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Tinker's Poetic Forms: Tercet
01. Baby cloud!

(Triplet: iambic tetrameter: AAA)

Atop the hill a baby cloud
As it passed the mountain bowed
And the baby laughed aloud!

02. Bengali!
(Triplet: trochaic trimeter: AAA)

Calm and cool and jolly
Is my uncle Mali
Yes we are Bengali!

Terza Rima (ABA BCB CDC)
01. Disown!

Be home, be safe and be with your family!
They need you, you need them, now all at home,
Covid taught us all a useful homily!

Do not go out, do not loiter or roam,
Do it, and they could get you with a drone!*
Keep your nose clean and breathe the sound of AUM!

Even at home, you take sometime and be alone,
And think about your soul and what you are,
You'll find you need a lot in life to disown!

Tamilnadu government used a drone to spot the wayward youth roaming about, evening playing carrom and chess under tree shade without wearing masks, when the Covid virus spread was at its height. When a drone appeared, these youth ran helter skelter, covering their face with what they can, at least pulling their shirt collars over their heads!


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