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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Poet of the World!


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I used to scribble English verses during my college days, way back in the early 1970s. Since I admired Wordsworth, I chose the pen name Verseworth. Here is a poem I wrote then, taking a dig at some of our Tamil poets who coveted fame, tropies and titles. Please bear with me for any naiveté in thought and expression.

The Poet of the World!
(gurunAthan ramaNi)

I mean to think, and not just blink--
So I sit down with Fancy's crown
And try to swear in my Muses fair;
But what to say amidst such bray?
To write with ease I need some peace.

Yet I sit down (really like a clown)
And try to think, and not just blink;
My Pen stays still while I stray
For a long while without a smile;
When I alight and stop to write,
Alas! my tyrant Pen deserts this truant
And refuses to dot his ink being clot!

Need I some drink, so as to think
And feed my brain and knead his sprain?
Ah, then in trance, though not in dance,
I begin to scrawl, just for shawl
With a golden fringe or a double tinge
That'll make me a poet without a riot!

Look! from my lips with many dips
In others' lines (to make them shine
A second time) flows out my rhyme,
Nay, a jingle, while I stand single
On the stage, with the poise of a sage.
The audience hears them with many cheers--
My verses bold a hundred times told!

And I am crowned with flowers wound
A rod in my hand called a king's wand
And a chain round my neck for all my pain
And a shawl of gold fringes for my scrawl,
And the title sheet never unfurled
For any Homer, 'The Poet of the World!'


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"My Pen stays still while I stray"

The existential truth for every poet, even self-called. 😉


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David W. Parsley

A clever bit of parody to mock self-aggrandizing aspirants that does not fear to leave the author himself unspared the rod of irony!



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