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Poetry Magnum Opus

Tinker's Poetic Forms: Variant-rhymed Quatrain 


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Tinker's Poetic Forms: Variant-rhymed Quatrain 
(gurunAthan ramaNi)

01. People swallow!
(iambic tetrameter: aaxa)

Whate'er you say, I don't follow
Whate'er you write, is all hollow
You are a popular poet because
You're rich that makes people swallow!

02. We want rain!
(iambic trimeter: xaaa)

It needs to rain today
The wind is warm and dusty
The fallen leaves are rusty
And the earth is hard and crusty!

03. The monkey!
(iambic trimeter: axaa)

To see or not to see
To do or not to do
The monkey on the tree
It made a choice--to flee!

04. The rose and the weed
(iambic tetra, trimeter: axax)

A butterfly— it came to feed
On the nectar in the rose
There was flower on the weed
It only had an ant!


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