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Poetry Magnum Opus

Having a cigarette in the country of my birth


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How it happened Part 1: 

Having a cigarette in the country of my birth

This is how it happened,

Before they taught borders,
bound by family,
Blood ties,

waddled crawled
towards the danger
fast shiny on asphalt

cuts deep,
big gods familiar
bodies of pleasure, pain,

saw him one last
time still alive,
my wedding,

I hadn’t
given up yet
playing with the fire.

No Surprise when I
realized this hotel,
in morning

where forty
years ago his
broken home had been.

Our immense lives ashed
become small memories,
swirling dawn,


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Juris, this is very good work. I think I read on Gate(Less) that between two poems this one was the one you didn’t care for and that it kind of grew on you over time. That was surprising, because I love this poem and preferred it over the other. 


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Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Indeed Tony, poem 1 I was exhausted and figured it sucked. Poem 2, well rested. But that's the difference of working out an idea and letting the poem write itself;-)


TY for taking the time!



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