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Poetry Magnum Opus

Day 5: How it happened, Part 2


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How it happened, Part 2
Crow and Tree, Con/Jur/d, 4/5/2021

The boys and their banana seat bikes
had left me at the intersection, of day 
and night, an unfamiliar fallow field, 
a hot dirt trail, dusty smell of rapid 
cooling, bordered by tall grass and reeds, 
an indigo deeper shade of shadow.

I try,
and fail to find a memory whispering
of why? We were already late for dinner 
our flexible curfews,  casualties crushed 
by a day spent caterwauling across 
Sun-drenched stages for future
productions of urban development,
“Wilds Destruction,” a cast of thousands.

Was it,
because I was a new kid unfamiliar
with gang rules, discomforted by
primate signals, their harsh goading
or did I decide to leave on
my own, my Mother’s backyard call
unheard, canceled by crickets
and a single cavernous crying caw

A crow,
on a dead tree, a backdrop
giant ruling hillside tangles,
communicates, “Alone, alone.”
And I know what it means here,
“Death, dissolution, abandonment,” 
a space, little kids are not welcome.

Sun rays,
wink out, the contours of evening
are filled with hidden tigers, every
breeze a sinewy snake snatching
at exposed ankles, a bicycle a poor
choice of weapon. Fear drives pedals.

the next bend and the curve after
that, past a riotous swamp, frog
croaks pelting, “Run, ride, run!”
Twilight in a familiar orchard,
breaks open Terror’s hard hug,
a window in the distance grinds
the mad beating to a warm halt.

I’d like,
to tell you how it happened, but
a crow and nothing, happened, after all.

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Great Judi!

I'm glad it worked for you. I think we can divide the world into people who like part 1 and people who like part 2 and people who can't stand anything I write. HA!


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