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Poetry Magnum Opus

Day 16


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“Look now, we’re halfway there”
#poetrydares #poemsthatdontsuck
Con/Jur/d, 4/16/2021
Thanks to Kat for the prompt, which
knowing how (he/him) reads things, really is 
the Ur-iginal game ‘Truth & Dare’

“Don’t show
your prompt.”
she said, “We 
can tell you
have failed
memory 101,
improv isn’t
best done on
the move be -
tween, starts
and finishes
and arrivals.”

“I haven’t read
the script,” I said
“I can’t keep the
measure, I don’t ___ know
where we’ve been,
or where we’re
going, everywhere
and everything
keeps chang -
ing, it’s mov -
ing targets, all
the way up and
all the 

“Ha!” they said,
just like that,
“Ha! Maybe,
the old Greek
was right, we
can only ever
be halfway.”

“Where?” she said.
“Look Now,” I said.
“We’re halfway, there,” 
they said.


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