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Poetry Magnum Opus

Ten Cents Worth

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I still recall, when, as a child,
I dreamed of grown-up things.
Then after I discovered books-
My fancy did take wings.

I was one with legionnaires-
Who marched to Caesars whim:
Or pioneers at some stockade-
A warrior’s charge to stem.

I dreamed of love as boys do-
But love eluded me.
I strived to tell myself ‘twas best-
That I be fancy free.

While searching near, and searching far-
I could not find the way-
That led me to true happiness,
And cannot to this day.

When asked if I were happy,
I had to think a bit-
And contemplate my feelings-
For an answer that would fit.

I’m not “unhappy” I replied-
I guess I am content-
To get ten cents worth out of life-
For every dime I’ve spent.

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David W. Parsley

Hi GS, welcome to the forum.  I knew a lady once who used to offer "not unhappy" as a way to describe life during those times when one is just "holding serve", so to speak.  And investment professionals would possibly observe, "Well, at least you preserved your principal."  But I understand the desire to see a greater return on investment, "how [things] should be."  I look forward to hearing more on that, as well as the rest.

 - David 

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