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Poetry Magnum Opus

Greek war of independence


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Mountains, thorns in slumber seeking a rose, an identity, revolution was close. Flower called to
The bee demanding
The return of nectar, despair of Ottoman rule, Greek waters reflected heaven's birthing pools, distilled visions
Escaped from an ocean of wounds. Search was needed for the sounds of glass eyes of an angel breaking to release the pure visions that transcended Greek class divisions. 
Eyes of the 
Multitude like driftwood in 
Dreams, claims of exclusivity
in which only selected elements of the Greek nation had a role.
The arrival of Filiki Eteria secret society to liberate Greece. How long
Does it take for a blind
Man to bleed after smashing
A bottled ship, Insurgents 
Loosened  Turkeys grip.
Two hundred years of 

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8 hours ago, eclipse said:

You sound underwhelmed Tony...

Not at all, Barry. I was pleasantly surprised because the title didn’t draw me in; I was expecting something less poetic because of its historical connotation. 

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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