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Poetry Magnum Opus

Ships In the Night


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I will never forget the surprise in your eyes-
You looked like you’d just seen a ghost.
I had to look twice before I realized,
It was you I had once loved the most.

The miles and the years, they just disappeared
Like we were alone in the room...
The emotional pain, like a guttering flame-
Threatened our souls to consume.

“Why did you leave me, and cause me to grieve”?
There were tears welling up in your eyes.
And, dear, as you spoke, the lump in my throat
Would not allow a reply.

The years fell away, it was just yesterday-
With you walking close at my side,
So happy were we, for you’d just told me-
That you were becoming my bride.

Why did I run? I’ve oft asked myself-
To this I can only reply-
I feared all the strings, you were clipping my wings
And the wild goose can’t help but to fly.

The miles and the years, the toil and the tears-
My darling, I guess we both changed-
Coincidence brought us together again..
Or was it Divinely arranged?

What’s that you said? Your love is long dead?
I guess that is surely your right-
One toast to the past, is all that I ask-
Like ships we will pass in the night.

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Damn, it starts off hopeful, not without at least some passion and ends in ennui. All I can think is, This is the way the world ends/Not with a bang but a whimper.

I like how your verse often is much deeper than comes across at first blush. When I've heard of this kind of thing happening, I've always wondered, Why??? You answer that question for me in S5. Though I don't understand it, it is nevertheless an answer.

Great title and excellent submission!


Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Loved the rhyme on the same line and the assonance in places. As heartfelt as any Glen Campbell or Bonnie Raitt tear-jerker song.

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