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Poetry Magnum Opus

Locked In My Room (Deep; thoughts)


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DCo - #Locked In My Room' - Dean Roper


Light's shade casts a valley of shadows,
in my direction with no reflection, couldn't balance what's hollow.
For the lesson intercepted from a message in bottle,
said to swallow my pride, start accepting my sorrow.
No saviour, no caped crusader, there's no hero,
Just a cold day in hell...it's 30 below zero.
This world seems to be a place where minds wander,
but no wonder, inglorious deeds turned sole blunders.
Insomnia taking over our dreams from no slumber,
half the population is open to closed numbers.

a second of darkness lies within every blinking eye
with the vision's that ties in with the future', so we are all living in disguise
we're are swimming in cries, as help denies, its pushing the instincts to be implied
sinking in lies, it's not our world, we just visiting life
cause friction's our pride...going head to head with truth
reason my actions spreads its use, and sheds abuse
tell me who, the hell can prove...we live for a reason
own enough sins to dry out the leaf's of our seasons

My mind shutters from happiness and smiles,
i live for a while but then lose the track of time by a mile.
I walk alone on the concrete jungle but always seem to stumble,
crossing borders of rejection and acceptation
... just to have my cookie world crumble.
My plot for exceeding expectations is minimal,
i deprive the visible but slowly paint a visual.
Hours turn to sand with a glass case barrier,
i connect the dots of our future, cause i am my own carrier.

Time to get primal, its about to get even scarier and the long dark winter is coming.

Time to get spiritual, this is a war and its not about Money Guns or swords.  

O-Parts Hunter/666

Time to Tune into the Magnum Opum and bring forth the Spirit of creation. 


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Welcome, TheRealDCo. I'm excited that you've joined.

This is fluid. I like the mix of internal and end rhyme throughout. It has an Eminem-like feel.

I had to look up O-Parts Hunter/666 ... and the long dark winter is coming. I love it!


Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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