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Poetry Magnum Opus

Things and Thoughts


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To put emotions into words....
I wish I had that art.
I’d like to write the feelings 
Which reside within my heart.

Chagrin, and shame, and sorrow-
And yet there’s joy, too
And feelings which have played me false
And ones long proven true.

Love, and lust, and longing-
Despair, desire, and???? what?
It’s there the words do fail me,
I search, but find them not.

Ah, memory so bitter-sweet
Of times and things long gone..
The band has long since ceased to play
The tune goes on and on.

And dreams? why, they become regrets.
And hope? I do not know...
To what it turns, or what remains-
When gone, just where it goes.

And youth? Ah, such a flimsy thing
So soon it blooms and fades.
And age picks up the bill for all....
The follies youth has made.

But, ah, alas, the words won’t come
There’s much I’d like to say.
That you might peer within my heart...
Perhaps another day?

Or maybe not, I do not know-
Ere then I might be dead-
And maybe there are things and thoughts
Which never should be said.

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