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Poetry Magnum Opus

I Will Always Remember July Poems


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Poems for Posting July 2021




Former President's Revenge Chastushka writing com/fan story
I Will Always Remember Fan story posting

Dental Torture Blues

Changes /Fan Story

The love of my life
Five Doublets About Life. Fan Story

How to Start My Day
Meeting my fate
The world is a strange place
Donald Trump Dreams of revenge
Frank Zappa My Hero, fan story 

Every Day I Wake with Pride/fan story

Sam Adams In Limbo/fan story

Love/Hate/Fan story

Life as a U.S. Diplomat/Fan Story

Coffee, Tea or Me?
I Prefer Hot Coffee
Drinking my hot tea
In the Morning Dawn
A Mad Monk Drank Tea





Former President's Revenge Chastushka writing com/fan story

Former President Trump
Sat on his awesome yhuge rump,
Dreaming of having his ultimate revenge
While on a drug and vengeance Benge.



I Will Always Remember Fan

I will always remember
The autumn date
I met my fate.



Dental Torture Blues

Sitting in the dental chair
Undergoing dental surgery
While the dentist probes,
And tortures me
With his instruments of pain,

The Frank Zappa song plays over and over
The torture never stops
The torture never stops.

And I think of the mad dentist
In Little House of Horrors
The Jack Nicolson character
Who screams Pain is good

As he assaults his patients
Doing root canals
Without anesthesia

And so I endure the torture
Of the dentist
In the vain hope
I can save my teeth

Until the next time
I undergo dental torture.

The song faces away
And I slowly recover.

Then as I leave,
I am confronted with the bill
And the song roars back to life.

The torture never stops
the torture never stops.





The world is filled
With changes
Everything changes
All the time

Who I am today?
Is not who I was yesterday
And who I will be tomorrow

But one thing does not change
The love for my wife
The love of my life

When have I met her on that date?
I met my fate
And that has made
All the differences in the world
My love for her
Will never changes
Until the day
I leave this mortal plane



Five Doublets About Life

How to Start My Day
I like to start my day
Drinking coffee is the way

Meeting my fate
I met my fate
on one fateful date

Dreaming of love
I met the love of my life
In a dream, she became my wife

The world is a strange place
Every day I turn on the news
Watching it 24/7 I get the blues

Donald Trump Dreams of revenge
Donald Trump Sitting on His Rump
Thinking of his revenge, just being Trump




Frank Zappa My Hero  


Frank Zappa
Was always my musical hero
Ever since I first heard his music
Back in 1974

He blew me away
With his musical genius
His satirical wit
His mastery of rock
Classical and jazz influences

I soon became a big Zappa fiend
Went to several live shows
Bought lots of Zappa records
Later Zappa cd's

He died way too soon
He would have had a great time
Making sense
Of the Bush two era
And especially Trump

He was not one
To suffer fools gladly
And saw through

So much of the nonsense
In our life
Especially our dysfunctional politics

He was a prophet
Way ahead of his day
Foreseeing much of what
Had sadly transpired
Since his untimely death

Many not -Zappa fans
Never get beyond
The satire

But there was so much
More to Frank
Don't eat the Yellow Snow

His best song of all
Perhaps his warning
About the pervasive negative impact
Of Television

With his immortal warning
I am the slime
Oozing out of your TV set

Or his prophetic song
About the mass media
Obsession with the latest
Crime story

In More Trouble Every day
And who can forget
His anti-peace corps anthem
Who needs the Peace Corps?

Or brown shoes don't make it
Or Jewish Princess
Or sheik ya booty

Disco boy?
Dynamo hum
Moving to Montana
And all the rest
Of his classic takedown
Of contemporary American society?

Frank Zappa
Died way too soon

He would have made sense
Of the Trumpian world
I wished he was still alive
With us today

Until he can return
I will be forced
To freak out
In my head

And when I am at the dentist
His song about torture
The torture never stops

Comes along
To calm my fears
Of dental torture

Thanks, Frank
For all the memories
And the wisdom
Over the years



Every Day I Wake with Pride


Every day
I wake up
Filled with Pride

I smile at all
that I have done in my life

Filled with Relief
that I am still alive

But with a heavy heart
I Breathe deeply

I open my heart
And mind
To the possibilities

That the Universe
Still presents
Every day




One Night Sam Adams Woke up Dead

One night Sam Adams went drinking in a bar. Drank beer all night, twenty drinks too sober, died waking up in limbo. End time signs all about him. The Devil barks his name.

"Sam Adams, it is not yet your date with fate."
Sam woke up all alone



Is what makes the world go round
But all too often it flips over into



Life as a U.S. Diplomat


For 27 years
I served my country
As a diplomat

I worked all over the world
Advancing US government policies
Promoting American values

Helping foreigners visit the U.S.
Helping Americans overseas
Issuing thousands of visas

Talking to thousands of people
Every day
In my fractured tortured English
Korean, Thai, and Spanish

In the end
I just remained
A boy who grew up in Berkeley

And was eternally grateful and amazed
For the opportunity to serve
My country


Five Teafu Haiku

Many long years ago
The trainee in my class said
Coffee, tea, or me?

I Prefer Hot Coffee

I prefer hot coffee
But once I shift to tea
Just so I can get sleep

Drinking My Hot Tea

Drinking my hot tea
My mind does not come to rest
Too much tea, perhaps?

In the Morning Dawn

In the morning dawn
Drinking my hot sweet coffee
Need to drink tea later

A Mad Monk Drank Tea

A mad monk drank tea
Drinking, Thinking long and hard
Enlightenment came



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