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Poetry Magnum Opus



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The 160 arches of the Segovia aqueduct, like the
Mouths of angels all making
Different requests to the wishing well sky, perhaps to
Become mortal and appreciate local beauty.
The moon moves between
Rivers, eresma, clamores, 
A shamen traveling between
Dreams, to transfigure the dreams of visitors so they
Become briefly the eyes
Of angels, winds are the
Moving tattoos.
The vera Cruz church is a tattooists needle, prayers
The ink, will angels paint this 
Church on the chest of our lord. Their are views from
The tower, does the candle
Name it's flames.
The house of Antonio Machado will guise your
Senses towards a new aesthetic, the day will break out Into a shower of glass arrows, perhaps one of them
Will land on the castle of alcazar to release the echo of
A poets voice. This castle is
On the north western tip of 
The city, it has narrow towers
And artesonado ceilings,
Scaffolding for the spirit.

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David W. Parsley

Agreed.  Wonderful sense of place, Barry.  Your repetition of the word, angel(s), does not come across as vain repetition in this instance.  Instead it works as refrain, and move with an intentionality that invites contemplation of these beings' diverse roles.  And of course to our own response to such a place.

Well Done,
- David

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