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Poetry Magnum Opus


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"Happy Home" 

I was surrounded by people who didn't respect me, so I upped and I left/
And began to focus on self improvement, to try regain my self respect
I'd neglected what were my own needs, losing the essence of who I was/
I had become needy and self loathing, cause I was lonely and I was lost
I had to look past all the hate that I felt, & the hurt held in my heart/
For me to ever see a brighter day, I had to step away from the dark
And walk down a path I was unsure of, knowing I had to walk it alone/
Yet I'm so proud that I did, cause now I get to walk into a happy home
Looking back on my unhappy home, I know in my heart I have come far/
The endless poems, the nights alone, drunk & stoned with a broken heart 
It used to start and never stop, but now I stop it whenever it starts/
And takes it's toll, I take control, saving my soul before it's torn in half
I can now laugh & I can smile, knowing it didn't kill me, it made me strong/
Though painful like losing my child, the pain that I felt was never as long
For way too long, I dwelled on the wrongs, now I belong & I have a purpose/
So no longer do I feel like I'm nobody, pathetically empty & feeling worthless. 

Copyright 2014 The Elusive Mr Dunne (All rights reserved)

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