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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Fire In My Soul Exposed


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"The Fire In My Soul Exposed"

No council will house me, and my family resent me/
Everyday I feel lousy, and on the inside I'm empty
Except for the rage that I feel, towards all of them/
Who were supposed to be close, to this thorn with a pen
If I could reborn again, I'd definitely call in sick/
From the beginning to the end, I've had to forge to exist
If it wasn't for my dog, I swear I'd call it quits/
Tired of calling for a God, whenever I'm falling to bits
I'd slit my wrist just to feel, some kind of release from this world/
As since a kid all I could feel, was a disease and it's real
I had to reveal what they done, and for that I went to jail/
Nearly killed by my mum, I took to rap to prevail 
Like the snail and the tortoise, I was aHead like the Hare/
Until the pale got nautious, and called the Fed for warfare 
With this head in despair, I'm more than prepared to go home/
And when I'm gone from here, they can have my poetry throne.

Copyright 2021 The Elusive Mr Dunne (All rights reserved)


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