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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Next


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Let the next Annunciation

be from Theo the Bald

and not Gabriel:

“Love thy neighbor, baby!”

on a wintry street

in the unsleeping city.


Let the next found gospel

be from Bart to the Libyans,

correcting the errancies of Paul:

instead of living in the air

we'll all have homes,

doctors, dentists, and food.


Let the next Yeshua

be a Gomez, Kostiuk, or Iqbal,

with short hair and no British accent:

of course, he'll be on watch-lists

for quoting Marx and not Smith,

for disregarding “papers” and “green cards”.

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Marti, though poignantly provocative, I think this poem is less an expression of heresy/apostasy and leans more toward redemption. No true Christian approves of the evils committed by certain people throughout history in the name of any religion or god.

Lately, there's been lots of chatter on the net -- "The good guys are about to clean house and rid the world of the cabal!" -- yet that optimism, though addictive, is more than likely wishful thinking and conflicts with my Christian world view. No Antichrist? No Armageddon? We don't need God or Jesus because humankind is going to fix the world? At the very best, that school of thought is delusional; at worst, it's another satanic effort to mislead. I'm no Bible expert, but if I remember correctly, it says somewhere in there that in the end times the faithful should remain watchful, vigilant, because nothing can be done about the prophesied end-time events. The only thing one can do is get himself right with God and hopefully help others to do the same.

Very good work. Well composed.


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Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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