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Larsen M. Callirhoe

I want to read the book by jaycee tinker? i feel like my life is lead in captivity. for 16 years my life has been a horrible nightmare. i know you admiire my walk in life and the struggles i adhere to and the challenges i face everyday judy. it is the same as you except i do not feel physically what you feel emotionally. i have mental stress and fatigue that saddens even the strongest of faith. without the fact i felt the holy ghost when i was a younger teenager i would have committed suicide as a teenager. i never had a best friend or a earthly companion. my short fused ego was crushed when my ex-wife divorced me.something i may never recover from. i know the second coming will start june 18 2018 summer soltice. i talk to my angel spirit guides everyday. without tnem my depression would sucumb me nd my life would be a blur. i want to make love. i never have. i had descent sex a few times but i never have flt love towards me byanother huma being the ay one ould perceive. as franklin delano put it we started out by me blasting him foolishly. i m glad his hindsight ws tthere to pardon me of the always bad choices in life i seem tl make. read isaiah 4:1-2of the old testament of the hebrew bible. i am that man. i am one of two branches the prophets speak about. yet i want love just from one of those females now that i need so desperately in life. i don't think i have ever life any second of my life that has not felt like bitter lonileness.



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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I am sure you have seen the hype over The Hunger Games that hit the movie screen today. A teen blockbuster.... Well I read the trilogy last month which was written for "young adults" ages 13 thru 17 yrs of age. I bought the 3 books on my Nook for my granddaughter, Trinity who is 11. The books are on her 5th grade approved reading list and they are all the rage. But I decided to read them first, basically to screen them before turning them over to her to assess whether or not she might be too young for them. Not to worry, she is 11 going on 16, or so she thinks and she is reading them now.


I don't normally like science fiction but I have to admit, I loved these 3 books! They are very easy reading (I read all 3 in a matter of a few days.) and I couldn't put them down. The story line is a real page turner. I plan to read more of Suzanne Collins. I am looking forward to seeing the movie on Wednesday. I have turned into a real fan.



~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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Best British Poetry 2011 edited by Roddy Lumsden


I've been dipping into this anthology since Christmas. Definitely one for the free verse enthusiast. One extra is that the poets reveal the context/intention of their poems. There is also a list of magazine publications the poems originally appeared in.



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