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Poetry Magnum Opus

Man and his world

Majid abbas

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Majid abbas


The MAN  and world


Years, are solitary prolonged years

A man on unknown landscape

Manacled with the gyves of joy

Years were the Hellen of Troy

Life full of dreary and full of ease

full of bog the land on lease

A horseman riding to heavenly gates

Left unbridled the parchment rope

Stirrups tight, laces hung

The rugged raiment’s tore

With clopping steps he saunter

To see, to acquaint weary world

Full, glittering moon of gloomy night

Longing a flash of light to glitter

Bask the fierce heat of hammered-hell

Are dungeon dark rang the dreary bell

Wrangling with self it’s exalted shape

To soak the parchment tongue

Wilting tree of hope

Full of blossoms deep

Descending earlier for external sleep

With crumbling steps moving bower

the shadows of nightmarish tower

Dancing the angles of lust and lechery

Brim the pots of their fleeting joy

The golden water in mirrored bowl

The oyster shell in a shallow well

Starting the warefied of a fatal man

Thousands dead are a trickling rain


authored by: MAJID ABBAS















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Oh that was a great deal of fun. Lovely, rich and epic images. Particularly enjoyed the last line 'Thousands dead are a trickling rain.' Nice work.


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