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Poetry Magnum Opus

Day 21


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The days are more random than we expected
Con/Jur/d, 4/21/2022

You’re arguing from history,
        he said.
You’re trying to cover your words,
    she said.
When was this?
    Don’t know.
The conjunction of time and age
    Don’t care.
is less linear than expected.
    So what?
The alchemists believed God was 
    Maybe it’s your trauma,
was eminent and inconspicuous
    this obsession,
by vivisectioning the World via Words
    this religiosity, this holiness!
What they found, was hollowness,
    Wait. Are you paying attention?
everything, they paid attention too
    Or simpling echoing?
were beats and scratches on an egg.
    What? Ridiculous!
What all philosophy and all knowledge
    Here you go again.
's  an echo, echoing from the shell
    You’re wasting my time.
Our experience of time
derives from the outer surface
        How did I? Back here?
the inside is empty and what we
    There hasn’t been, ‘a we’  
live is the POV of a 2D on a 3D surface.
    for a long long time.
When we move along the curve,
    Get it? We’re over.
we believe the illusion of
    I mean it this time.
everything happening in a 
    Thought it would be good
single direction
again when really

We learn
you’ll never change
how now
Don’t know how this started
    can be antecedent
The end is clear enough
        to what came 
    the end.

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