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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Prodigal Poet


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I have journeyed

to foreign lands.

Studied the work

of foreign hands.


Tried new skills

with some success;

Not the worst;

Not the best.


Spread my wings

and flown around.

It’s time to return

to familiar ground.


To tend the soil

that I love best;

to leave behind

all the rest;


to nurture and care

for tender shoots;

find my way

back to my roots.


With pockets full

of lessons learned

the prodigal poet

has returned.


I may be seen as simple

lacking in sophistication;

too old and badly damaged;

beyond restoration


But I have made the journey

from lollipops to OZ;

gathered wisdom, heart and courage;

seen the glory and the flaws


I had to take the journey

to learn, where’re I roam,

when all is seen and gathered

it’s time to go back home .



RHYMEGUY icon_wink.gif

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What a journey, Rhymeguy! It struck the cord. I can certainly relate to it.

Re unsophistication, I think sometimes, the simple-minded have a better perception of the world.





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Nick Tselepides

Nice little poem and very musical.

If I were you I would delete all the : marks, replacing some with a comma. The poem would look better on the page and the effect would be the same.


Thanks for sharing.

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