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Poetry Magnum Opus

A US Way

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

Founding fathers floundered into a New World and first footed,


A first native colonial racoon maybe got spooked and scooted.


While people from foreign parts were steadily transplanted

Once proud and indigenous tribes were ruthlessly supplanted.

Americans came from distant old worlds uninvited,

Laid claim to diverse territory perforce to be united.

Africans: waylaid, enslaved, battled over, finally freed,

In an American way the USA disseminated its seed.


To see into what made this America the power it became,

Trace its people over time from where they originally came;

A monoculture desert irrigated by fresh blood sources

Was eventually inundated with vast human resources.


Across wide oceans a whole new population poured

A trickle then a river, a tide of humanity, a horde.

That lady with a torch has since lighted the way

For newcomers to their bright independence day.


A cosmopolitan country supplied from many places


This melting pot, a polyglot, an aggregate of races


A checkers board, a smorgasbord, a giant quilt of faces.

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Interesting progression, Frank. The poem starts off critical of the subject. Then, the subject begins to exhibit some redeeming characteristics. The conclusion seems to say, "The ends justify the means." (Not sure if I got it right.)



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Ah Frank, one of the quickest poetic wits I've ever encountered! You hold a number of things as 'true' within the smorgasbord and allow the reader to garner their own conclusion- ironically, you seem to have much more patience than I on the context and meaning of the American Dream- To me its a long term struggle, for you- the almost clinical (and welcome) parts of the whole. I appreciate them both- BTW have you read the 'Baroque Cycle" yet? I believe I recommended it while still under its influence ;-)




Neal Stephenson


and feel, that you, will resonate with this mad amerikan, commenting on British history, beyond well;-)


Many thanks for your beautiful contributions- everywhere!



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