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Poetry Magnum Opus

Spiritual Foes


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Up in the skies above, two green rings hover,

A pair of SPECTRAL green rings, actually,

That just float there; watching, hovering, waiting.


On the ground below, in an open field,

Two small young women-filipinas, in fact,

Kneel down together, with their heads bowed, hands clasped

whispering inaudibly all the while.


Aloud and with one accord, one word,

Just one word, do the two women utter

With great conviction, the word, ‘Amen!’


The green rings still hover, watching, as the two women rise;

rise to their feet, grab their combat rifles,

then, invigorated and determined,

charge across the battlefield, towards 

their spiritual and otherworldly foe:

the two hovering spectral green rings.

the battle has just begun! Who’s gonna win?



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1 hour ago, tonyv said:

I love the detail -- "Filipinas, in fact" LOL. Nice, I can picture it! 😄The poem itself has an otherworldly, almost video game-like feel.


This is based on Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

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