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Poetry Magnum Opus

Handcuffed Gymnast


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Is it not amazing?

There you see her,

This ginger kid,

A teenager;


In a navy blue


Down on her knees,

Admiring her new

Bracelets! Bracelets-

Bound together

By a long, thin chain.


She shakes her arms

This way and that,

Yet the bracelets

Maintain their hold,

On either wrist,

Tightening further.


How she got them,

There’s but two theories:

One theory says

That she got them

After a loss,

From a wrestling match!

A wrestling match

Against another

Like herself

In stature, dress,

And skills,

Yet different from her

In age, ethnicity,

And even profession,

For it has been

Rumored that her foe

Was a cop back

In her homeland!

If this story’s true,

Then all those flips,



Light punches,

And light kicks

Availed her little,

For she surely

Lost the match,

Since the terms

Of that match were

That whoever lost

Would be forced

To wear those bracelets,

But for how long

Would she have

To wear those bracelets?


Another story

Goes like this:

She wore them willingly,

As part of a show,

Yet why is she

Down on her knees?

Could it be practicing,

So that she could break

Into those bracelets?

Would she be able

To perform well

On the balance beam,

And on the floor,

When the big day comes?

If so, it’d be a first;

A first for gymnastics!


After that,

there’s but one problem:

After the event,

How’s she gonna

take them off?

Would her coach

Or her teammates

Be able to help her

Unlock those bracelets?

Also, what about

Her wrists? They’re

Gonna be real sore,

Lemme tell you!



Handcuffed Gymnast.jpg

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Do you think it's funny she seduces me??? 😖 Evil gymnast!!!!! 😠 May she lick the floor of hell so that demons can admire their reflections!1

Nice work, Assaf1981. I love it!


1. I can't claim the credit for that intense image. It's from the film industry.

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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