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Poetry Magnum Opus

cemetery squirrel


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Cemetery tree contains
Uninvited guest. Memories
Of ghosts are untested,
Can they locate their
Earthly graves.
Falling leaves are like
Dying voices leaving
The earth.
The squirrel understands
Worth of his cache,
The land feeds him
And history. Rain weighted
Camouflage, stone
Angels wings are fated
To be aged by time,
Wind between them
Is like someone
Trying to interrupt
Those absorbed in secret
Squirrel rests between
Two pages of nature's
Book of prayer, trees
Holly and Hawthorne,
Snow falls from the squirrels
Eye born sky, memory's
From winter before,
Like the mermaids scattered
Pearls frozen in the moons
Eye. Which God does
Nature pray to?-are prayers
Gaged for value.
A small animal climbs
Across branches
From which fruit will
Never fall, in life those
At rest made unanswered

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