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Poetry Magnum Opus

Dueling Kids


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Two girls,

Probably preteens,

A blonde and a brunette,

Meeting in a park,

Just the two of them.


Other children

In the background

Regard them not,

As their minds are filled

With basketball,

Yet that’s fine

With them,


These two girls,

Meeting not

For swimming, but dueling!


in their bare feet

and swimsuits,

with no spectators,

just the two of them.


For what cause do they duel?

We know not,

But duel they do,

And no adults

To discourage them.


The brunette,

sporting a braid

or two,

In a baby blue



With some manner

Of spiral design,

And with what

Also appears

To be some sort

Of gymnastics figure,

Throws a kick,

A high kick,

Impressive, for someone

As young as her!


How long has this duel

Been commencing for?

We know not,

But we do know

That neither girl

Appears roughed up,

At least, not yet!


Behold, the blonde,

Her hair untied,

In her aqua blue



And wearing a band

On her left arm,

Either for luck

Or her hairband!

Behold how she dodges

The brunette’s kick!

Impressive, for someone

As young as her!

But she’ll need

To keep on going,

For her young foe

Surely has many

More moves

To unleash,

And eventually,

The blonde will have

To unleash some offense

Of her own if she hopes

To come away unscathed

From this kid’s duel!

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