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Poetry Magnum Opus

Ode to a Handcuffed woman


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Behold this young woman

Confined to

A small, chilly basement

Hidden from view,

Appearing all

But helpless.


 Yet behold her face,

Not a trace of fear,

Despite her predicament,

regarding neither

The basement’s cold air

That torments

Her young

hospital gown-clad body

Nor the cool ground

Beneath her bare feet,

That forces her

Upon her tiptoes,

Nor the tight bracelets

binding her

To the pipe

Above her head,

That tighten further

Into her wrist

Each time

She jiggles and pulls

At the chain!


Yet again,

She jiggles the chain

Binding the two bracelets


Tugging at the chain

With renewed vigour.

And once Again,

It’s all in vain.


Yet, she submits not:

Not to fear,

Not to despair,

And not to worry.

Oh, no no;

Only a renewed resolve

A renewed determination

To escape from her predicament

And from whatever captors

Are holding her

Against her will!


How would she escape?

Behold her left arm,

Reaching behind her!

For what,

You may ask?

I’m not sure,

Perhaps a key

Hidden in her gown?

How very clever!

Yet she must be quick,

She must be careful,

For whatever captors

Are holding her

Will surely return!


That, Dear Reader,

Is the moral

Behind this painting,

The determination to

Escape from any

Dangerous predicament

And the determination

To press on

Despite seemingly

Impossible odds.


Does she escape?

I am not

At liberty

To divulge

Such info

At present.


Now you know,

O dear Reader,

the story

Behind this painting,

As depicted by

One Who shared

Her same predicament!

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