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Poetry Magnum Opus

Gruesome Execution


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Go the spinning blades.

The machines hums

A hum most ominous,

Ready to receive

Its first quarry.


Into the inlet chute

it goes,

Its horrified screams

Resounding throughout

The whole neighbourhood.


In it goes,

Starting with:

the feet,

Then the shin,

Then the knees,

Then the thighs,

Then the testicles,

Then the stomach,

Then the arms,

Then the chest,

Then the neck,

And finally,

The head,

And with it,

The poor wretch’s

agonized screams.


The crowd jeers and cheers

As blood and guts

Spew out

From the outlet chute

And splatter

Throughout the whole sidewalk.

“That was

For all the children

You’ve hurt,”

Cries the mob.


Their bloodlust satisfied,

The parental mob

Throws a block party;



And exchanging gifts,

While the children cry,

And the cops stand by,

enjoying the festivities-

from a distance!

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