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information about my press!


the new voice lux press is here and we are relaunching.
the previously published echapbooks are $3.
you can order from the website.
(poet's get 50% royalty per echapbook sold which is $1.50)

also check the site for all the know how info! echapbook submissions are now open.
the submission fee for echapbook manuscripts are free.

submissions open in february for our print chapbook manuscript!
there will be a $5 entry fee.

we will publish 4 echapbooks & 1 chapbook in 2023. 

echapbooks will be release in: may, july, september, november.

chapbook will be released in june.

thank you to the team Joe Nasta & Tommy Sheffield!


if you get accepted for publication with voice lux press — to us you're the biggest poet in the world. we will do everything in our power to promote and help you sell your book. to bring you to the forefront.

we don't look at names, we look at poems. that is what poetry is. the poetry. 

whether it is your first chapbook you've ever published or tenth book. every poet we accept are equal. 

you'll have no fears in submitting with the voice lux press team. we strive to be the best publication out there.

we plan to be transparent and you will be part of an amazing team. we will work with you every step of the way. from editing to book cover to getting reviews. 

we will never publish you and forget about you. we will never make you have to work alone. we will never demand any sales from you. if we believe in you it means we will work together with you.


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