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Poetry Magnum Opus

At the Physics Lecture

Terry A

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Words spreading over air

taken in by breath

exhaling pink mists

soft sighs and tingling thighs

exhumed by yesterday’s

mule reading, amidst the dark jabs

of knowing better.


What was expected? When

what could be expected? On

a huge ocean receptive

to any turn of oar where

left behind musings were strong

enough to stay but too weak

to chart the coming changes

not planned well, but there.


His sun-shaded eyes  

drifting over fathomless depths

Raising hands to air

he laboured not the past

so much as challenged future

            To Make it Matter.

All those words dancing as waves

not particles one could count on

Challenging a settlement of affairs

raising hell in some other


not yet wholly here

or there.

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Someone told me once that I don't know how to end a poem and it was true.  So I try to see poems now in terms of somewhat complete units, where what's left dangling is much more then just inept trailing off.  That's hard for me, 🙂

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David W. Parsley

Just the right amount of "dangling" for this reader.  Nice work, Terry!

- Dave

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I like the use of alliteration in your poem, the r's and s's.

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"Words are not things, and yet they are not non-things either." - Ann Lauterbach

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David W. Parsley

Thanks for that insight, Joel.  I was trying to put my finger on what was particularly pleasing about the sonics of the thing.  It's those r's ringing out over the sibilants.  More praise for Terry's poem.

 - Dave

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