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Poetry Magnum Opus

Really? Two Weeks Being Drunk on a Beach?!!! (Or: Neighbors Planning a Holiday)

Terry A

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Can all this footless foraging
frameless thoughts wavering in flashes
of not pinned down now         In all the insight
of getting it right         Their anchor appearing
ephemerally dull.
Uncertainty as tipplers walking to a cliff
determining nothing
                until falling off
High probability Yes
The way something named
gathers push    A point
where learning to fly     might best
             be considered.


The talk all booze and beach
sand as bed      tequila soaked
bright eyed tipsy happy
          Sun setting at six
day plummeting to twisting play
of dark awakening mouth opening
swallowing whatever savoury vacuum
causes sea stars dancing
on waves of crazy joy
sloshing out to brine and sand churning.

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Still I wonder how the flight from objective reality/causal reality appears to refresh others or reduce others. Some travel to escape, some to discover something new, some look for meaning, some hide from it. Some maintain the bubble wrap of their lives no matter where they go and what they do. In the decades of affordable travel, I have observed how little straight escapism offers over time to those who make a habit of it. Perhaps I'm a bit envious too of those that can float away so mindlessly and seemingly without harm.

I read that real poets go deeper into the heart of reality than others. Sometimes almost a flaw, at least as others see it.

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Thanks Judi for commenting. Yes that was the point, to create the experience for the reader. I see how well you do it in your poems. 

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