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Poetry Magnum Opus

Worse Cruise Ever

Terry A

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Icebergs move in silent seas their telling now is ours. A ship upon the endless drift,
a party sailing trust. Tablecloths and candelabras warming silken gowns
swishing butterflies across floors like moving floating gems. Who thought? 
The massive icy monster waiting for its curtain call 
the greatest show on Earth mighty steel sinking beams  
and the sea floor littered with dashed hope, gathering shrimp and crabs, 
drowned dreams turning to starfish and big mouth fish groping their grouper ways
as though it was just slightly more than just an ordinary day.
So does sand settle and forget the weeping so does coral begin a mending
and all in all, rattail and shark do their part.

The Whales Talk.
The headliner was nothing they wanted to see
silk purses gold coins fishnet stockings draping now
over shark fins champagne bubbles popping
kind of mixing with last swim. It was rock and roll
and american pie understood so much better now
(in retrospect) When dance floors and ocean bottom
talk too intimately though honestly
from land the damned seemed clueless. The whales floated by 
like it was Saturday at the matinee and the main feature
was nothing they wanted to see 
in their long blue survey of churning waters 
and fish eyes blinking from sheer surprise
at what was lurching so feverishly down.  Whales do not know
endings or beginnings just the drift of currents
and then the silence.  The pleas echoing over the waters
for so short a time, vanities sinking like stones
and then the quiet.  Who could blame the drift away?
Just a nano-second in their rear-view mirrors.





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Thank you Phil!  Yes, there are two poems here but they are joined at the hip.  Without the first part, the second part would float a little too much in space, and I am working on being somewhat understandable. 🙂

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