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Poetry Magnum Opus

Sitting in the Audience

Terry A

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Ashes and burning school busses
flying past in hell-raised winds
hurricanes and uprooting disasters
Such abrupt upset of usual things 
moving the unmovables          
hunkered down like fleas on panicked dogs  
     Waiting for the last wait upon the revelations            
igniting action hurling over collapsed fences 
leaping up in the awakening season
mind slides pinched in consternation
Much ado about barriers and snow melt
where what’s about to be released and
simple nature to persist
   the flow to least resistance 
One crack
and popcorn sprays the living room
the dam collapses
      This is the life
of endless anticipation
where I can scratch my cat
and only the noise annoys him.



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Modern dystopian movies appear to follow a formula, tremendous destruction and loss, the main characters (whom the audience has been brought to sympathize with) survive; leaving the audience feeling psychologically relieved, as though 'There, that wasn't so bad'. If the movies were not done that way, so few would watch. It's a bit like media, showing one disaster after another, eventually, a bit of, oh it's just like a movie sets in. Until much of media has an effect as narrative only. 

The poem that comes to mind is Dylan's 'The Hand that Signed the Paper'. In which, he captures the true tragedy of so much happening. And so my poem here, was a poem of evasion, the ending a 'sliding off the back' of event,  because it's what we all want.

It's what the internet phenomena of 'Q' did in the U.S. Convinced many, many people (some very smart people) that all was going to be well, if they just sit tight, do nothing, and let things take their course. (I read that you are from Europe, so probably spared the effects of it, but it did have effects on minds that should have known better). Pompeii comes to mind in review.

Course, sometimes a poem is just a poem, but Dylan made it so much more.

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