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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Mysterons


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You’ll never see them,

Save for their eyes;

A pair of rings:

Big, green, spectral rings,

Floating in the air.

Where are they from?

No mortal can know!

Though they’re never seen,

They’re with us always,

Watching, plotting, and terrorizing.


These beings are capable

Of causing paralyzing fear

And of recreating objects

That’ve been previously destroyed-

And that includes corpses!


Did you hear that?

Hear them speaking aloud,

Announcing their otherworldly arrival,

with one collective voice,

a deep, audible voice,

an audible, disembodied voice,

striking fear into all

those who hear it,

whether foes or agents.


You can find them,

Those pair of rings;

Big, green, spectral rings,

In paintings of warriors;

Young, spiritual barefoot warriors

Wielding their long quarterstaves,

Either genuflecting or posing;

You can find them

Floating above the heads

Of those same warriors,

Watching them very carefully,

Constantly Plotting their doom!

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