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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Reflections of frozen lightning
In dreams. Last words to leave
The tongues of monarchs.
Tears of mourners
Turned into gold. A new
Crown is born exchanged
And worn by a 
New king who has
Warned about nature's status.
Eyes of four seasons
Meet to complete a projection into
Star lit rooms, heaven lit wombs.
Sounds of street party's,
Cathedral bells intermingle
To affirm the coronation.

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David W. Parsley

Tasteful treatment of the topic, Barry.  I would like to see something more imaginative than "... has / warned about Nature's status." 

Not sure what to make of "party's" - is this a misspelling, or some turn of phrase that escapes me?

 - David

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A wonderful press release for a family beleaguered by controversy. And as politically correct as can be except for those lines "Tears of mourners  Turned into gold".  The meaning is? You describe extremely well how it all looks on the surface. Accomplished poetry.

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"warned about Nature's status"  Just to enrich that thought-

King Charles- just gave royal assent to ‘the Genetic Technology Breeding Act 2023. An open book to alter the genome of animal and plants, so as to create novel engineered species and biotech “foods”.

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