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Poetry Magnum Opus

Day 1


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In response to Sharon Olds;

"This creature of the poem may 

assemble itself into a being with its 

own centrifugal force."-- Sharon Olds 

(With a call out to Sharon Leigh for 

bringing it to my attention)

Con/Jur/d, 4/1/2023


Spinning, spinning, spinning


the world cracks -- out of one into this

there -- a King Kong figure -- although

we’re uncertain -- too big -- occluded

the sun -- but we remember -- running

running -- joyfully -- in leaps  -- bounds

so big -- how big were they -- creating

their own gravity -- our blood responds

in tides -- centrifugal -- gravitational 

a  crushing force -- in opposition -- at

an angle -- you to me -- we become

lighter -- greater -- to jump buildings

in a single bound -- free to storm

heaven -- here -- tangled in sheets

arrange the day -- sun rises -- we’ll

write -- we’ll sit -- we’ll eat -- certain

encounters inevitable -- the birds --

the weather -- the impact of age --

placed along the day -- verisimilitude

this is ‘real’ -- we say -- hiding the

rest -- along this fold --

                                   -- right here

                                   -- earth

                                   -- sun

                                   -- galaxy


Spinning, spinning, spinning, spin --


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