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Poetry Magnum Opus

Day 2


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the day arrives unexpectedly
Con/Jur/d, 4/2/2023

We wish we could tell you
how it is to be embodied, the subtle
itching, the not-so-subtle chronic
and acute feedback loops, how
your first time was a surprise
a revelation, how meanings
became assigned, to what
was meant to be only
annotations for your
interplay with
time; how


came to be here
where brittle snow
flows through pre-dawn 
streets like a river, yet
Caribbean Lobsters remain
even now, ignorant of ice
and where everything is old, upcycled
where you are assembled from
previously used parts, harvested
from the midden piles of stars

We wish, given the paucity
of symbols, we could communicate
how we wended our way here

the “edge
Of one of many circles[1],”  as the poet said
too simple for words
or numbers, telling, showing become
pointless confabulations, although
we share this passage of air
the in, the out, the subtle
somatics of reading
writing and 

Why don’t
we give up

Despite a lack 
we understand
we will get here 
in the end. 

[1] Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird
Wallace Stevens - 1879-1955


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Ha, Judyi! The funny thing is I just use some of those words because they feel right and sometimes I need to look them up myself to make sure the way I'm using them is correct and it is most of the time -- Occasionally though I get schooled and I always enjoy it. Why do I remember those words? I don't know. Appreciate the indulgence! --



And for your amusement -- tangentially related: 


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Juris, that video is too much! Whenever I take my own vehicle for maintenance, it usually needs a new flux capacitor ... or at least a cadillac convertor!

The first stanza is the programming, the second (significant) stanza is the how it should be, the how it is. The end makes me want to give up, too. I think it would be okay.


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Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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