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Poetry Magnum Opus

A Vegan Poem


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Here lies a beast;

Poor, unpitied, and nameless.

Tortured mercilessly and unnecessarily

By cruel, heartless creatures

That care only for

The taste of flesh!


These greedy, evil creatures:

These Intelligent, two-legged bipeds,

Do not respect nature

Or even life itself!


No, these evil creatures

Care only for pleasure,

For profit, for themselves,

And lastly, for their

Own barbaric dinner tables!


But wait!

There’s more!

There are

Many others

Just like

This beast

Buried here,

Of many

Different species,

That suffer

The exact

Same fate

As this

Beast buried

Right here,

All at

The hands

Of those

Evil, greedy

Two-legged creatures,

And it’s

All for

The taste

Of something

They call


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 Too plainly didactic to be good poetry and exceedingly judgemental towards others who might not agree with your stance. It limits the poem to vegetarian type journals, and if that's what you want, okay. 

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