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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Behold this young woman;
Her eyes all red,
Her face all puffy,
Her hair all frazzled-
She’s just woken up.

Behold her belly;
See it ballooning,
Altering her dress
Such that it
Barely fits her!

Behold that shiny quarter,
flying through the air;
behold her right hand,
with one thumb up!
It is certainly noteworthy.

Behold her right hand:
Holding a coat hanger
Awaiting the final decision.

Behold this painting,
Heed its message:
It’s her body,
Yes, it is,
But the choice
Is not hers,
But the coin’s.

Imagine that!
A baby’s
Birth depending
On the
Flip of
A coin.

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