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Poetry Magnum Opus

Quarterstaff Duel


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Behold these stones;

Ancient, majestic stones,

Standing for millennia,

Forming a circle;

What secrets held?

What sights beheld

By such stones:

Tall, majestic, ancient.


Behold the sky,

A dark blue!

Will it rain?

Who can tell?


Behold! Two teenagers,

One a girl,

One a boy,

Both standing inside

That very same

Ancient stone circle,

In bare feet.


Behold these teens;

One a yogini;

A celtic brunette,

And the other,

A music fan,

A fan of

An obscure band,

With swarthy skin

And blond hair,

Hailing from some

Democratic mid-eastern country,

Both staring down

One another, unflinching,

With their quarterstaves

At the ready.


Behold the boy,

Ready to strike,

Or rather, impatient.


Behold the girl,

Posing and taunting,

Gracefully and silently

Saying to him,

Strike me now,

If you dare!


Swinging and thrusting,

Dodging and parrying,

using their quarterstaves;

On and on

Does it go,

Their quarterstaff duel,

And yet not

One of them

Scores a hit!


Lemme say this;

You’ve gotta give

Them some credit;

These two kids

Are evenly matched;

They must be,

For them to

Fight their duel

For close to

Half an hour!


How does this writer

Know so much details?

Because he was there,

Watching and recording

Their intense quarterstaff duel.


Behold this painting;

See it capture

That exact moment

In time when

They boldly displayed:

All their determination,

All their bravado,

All their intensity,

All their drive,

All their gracefulness,

All their finesse.

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