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Poetry Magnum Opus

Day 15


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Make Believe
Con/Jur/d, 4/15/2023

Once upon a time, we thought we were constructed
from a mother and father and the attendant community

Later, we were lost royalty, kidnapped orphans, heroes
children adrift on an unfair river, churning with adventures

For a while, we believed certain lies, popular methods for
rearing unruly beasts, manger carrots, and crucifixion sticks

Made believe we were good, we were evil, the activities leading
to our particular cosmos sinful, unless sanctified as delightful

We were particularly fond of the game called grown up, where 
one pretends to know, acts otherwise, and submits to the inevitable

Afterward, and again after that, realized we weren't constructed
emerging from the unknowable, unknowing, unruly wilderness

Evershifting stories of carbon, oxygen, DNA, bacteria, play
mycelia, viruses, pain, pleasures, sun, rain, birdsong

Bafflement, battles, victories, compromises, theology
science, maths, systems of health, of disease

Of karma, consequence, feelings, thoughts
whole ecologies of ephemeral ideas

Tears, smiles, similes, metaphors
bodies and their random beliefs

Held together by, with, in, despite
congealed, crystalized, bathed

Only love, love, love, love
and love.

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David W. Parsley

Fascinating stream-of-consciousness interposed with structuring propositions.  The concluding one is a startling expression of mixed desperation and redemption.

Thanks (I think!),
- David

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