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Poetry Magnum Opus

Day 19 (Whoops)


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I found the tab opened and unposted this morning of day 19 poesy;-) Memory not in my butt but in my open but hidden tabs;-)

Dawn before Dawn
Con/Jur/d, 4/19/2023

Not a choice, still more
than how it looks to your eye
sounds to your ear, since they’re
rearranged for a simian framework

Sure, Spring is an excuse 
the birds are too loud, too shrill

Do you remember that time? In the tent?

Too dark to see colors
hungover, no part of who we were remaining
body and blanket one, soft corners, thirsty

Defined by the chorus of birds, nesting in our
our chest cavity, between what we’ll call provisionally
ribs, low notes twitching poorly danced toes, high
notes as not-yet- defined- headache, we knew
with clawed certainties how it is to be dead or one with 
or an absence of, aren’t you glad we didn’t just leave on a trill? 

Not a caw, traditionally chanted after

If we had, we wouldn’t have gotten to know each other
the domesticated us, wilderness flitting behind pulled
curtains and we wouldn’t awake before dawn

The dawn before dawn

Amid avian riots, singing reminders
of truths long forgotten

But if we’d left then, you’d hear us now

Spread thin sure, mostly unheard scales
above soprano or below bass a distinct
complaint among many, saying “Life is short
this moment is long why do you sleep
when this arising promises everything,                              And more.”


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